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I thought I better post something. This RPN is really RPN mk.II. The first version was lost and rendered irretrievable by stupid Webhost and I was bitterly disappointed. Still, everything happens for a reason, so I just now need to find the reason for the loss of the original Rock|Paper|Nuke.

Originally this was going to be a blog about random crap (= failure). When will I learn that random crap =/= worth reading?*

So I have taken the opportunity to restart RPN and give is a focus. That focus, without fanfare or ceremony, is going to be strategy gaming and the pleasure the genre brings (and the failings, victories, successes, frustrations).

We’ll be taking a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of the RTS. Trekking across alien worlds in Dawn of War, fighting with mighty machines in Supreme Commander, waging total war in (erm..) Empire: Total War (soon, Yes! Yes! Yes!), We’ll be bringing you news, views, trailers and reviews.

So what do we have in store for the immediate future?

First, I have just picked up and played through the first two levels of Dawn of War II. “The Dawn of War game that is not a Dawn of War game.” The lore is all there, and it looks fucking fantastic, but if you ever played the original and are expecting more-of-the-same-but-better, stop right there, turn around and walk away. The new Dawn of War plays similarly to an RPG with pick ups and level ups and multiple companion characters. I have only played for about 30 minutes (and let’s not view that as a negative, I just need to be in the right frame of mind and had some other stuff to do) but it would appear the aim is to get you to care for the troops under your command. No longer is it just ‘generic unit shooting shit’, it’s now Squad Tarkus under attack from Orks with Squad Avitus rushing to bring their heavy bolters to bear against the Greenskins in support of their ailing brethren. It’s all that 40k fluff and more.

Personally it’s a double-edged (chain)sword thing for me.

On one hand it’s Warhammer 40,000 rendered in beautiful 3D and I can use Tyranids to slaughter the Emperor’s finest. It’s a fanboy’s wet dream. They only reasons I never got into W40k totally was the cost and how shit I was at painting, but I still love the lore and background of Games Workshop’s vision on Mankind’s distant future.


On the other, I love large scale blow-shit-up gaming.

So as long as I can still blow-shit-up and do it in the spirit of 40K, ‘sall good.

I’ll be writing up some thoughts on DoW II when I finally get the chance to play some good long games.

What I’m most looking forward to though, is Empire: Total War. I’ve been a huge fan of this series for years. Ever since the original Medieval: Total War (I missed Shogun). Rome: Total War still ranks in my top two games, and Empire: Total War is my ‘Most Wanted’ currently. I’ve had a chance to play the demo via Steam. Finally we get sea battles. They are incredibly impressive, and that’s just the few minor skirmishes I’ve played through. I can’t wait to see how a full fleet action works out.

There will be more on Empire: Total War coming very soon. Including a look at the factions who will be fighting over the New World, and the weapons they’ll be using to do it.

But right now, Dawn of War II beckons, so I’ll get this posted up and go purge the enemies of the God-Emperor.

*after I have posted this random crap, no doubt 😉


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