I am beginning to wonder if she does it on purpose…

Things are getting steadily worse, or maybe I’m just imagining it. We went to a Christening today. My fourth of the year but don’t get me started on that, it’s another story.

She asked me to drive so that she could havea drink. ‘Fair enough’, I think. They are her friends why should she not have a drink with them? I’ll mind the boy and have a coke and drive to and from the church and pub. You see, that is the kind of thing people do when in relationships. They are considerate of each other.

We left the church and she mentioned she had no money so I gave her £20 even though I would not be drinking and despite all the crap I have put up with this weekend. We get to the pub (and she insists I go the wrong way and I end up having to go do a mental U turn at a busy roundabout with my Son in the car) and she goes to the bar and comes back with a coke for me and a J2O (like an orange juice drink) for herself.

‘What’s that?’ I ask.

‘A J2O.’

‘I thought you were drinking.’

‘I didn’t fancy it.’

‘Then why didn’t you say something, I could have had a pint or two?’

Get this:

‘I can’t drive in these shoes.’


‘I thought we could just both not drink.’

I don’t actually have any fucking choice in this. The decision is made for me. She could have worn different shoes or – here’s a tip-top idea – taken some other shoes with her to wear to drive in. Then I could have had a drink or two. Not get pissed, but it is nice to socialise with a pint of beer. Instead I’m on Coke, she’s on fucking juice and I’m once again pissed off because she decided something for me – just like the 2pm appointment all over again.

Last night we had words. We said that things are not the same any more. She said she feels like she doesn’t do anything right. Well if ever evidence was needed of that fact, take a look right here today and the complete lack of consideration. It boils my piss. But what can I do? We’re home now, the day is over. She’s downstairs with Thomas and I’m up here with you guys. Ugh. I’m so pissed off right now.


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