It gets worse…..

Following on from yesterday’s idiotic display, now I’m a ‘fuckwit’ apparently. Here goes the story:

I didn’t mention anything about the crap from yesterday besides, calmly, telling her that she either needs to change the appointment or go by herself. I think that put her back up a little bit but that was yesterday and was swiftly forgotten about. This morning I got up with the boy so she could have a lie in and at about 11 am we went to wakt her up. All was well. I even cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast for us both then we got dressed, got Thomas ready, and decided to take a walk into town.

We got maybe 20 yards before I turned back. Fucked if I’m going to spend any time with someone who refers to me as a fuckwit.

She says, offering me her right thumb knuckle, ‘Little cuts like this bleed like hell’. There was a little cut on her knuckle. I glance at it then back down at my Son in his pram. ‘Got blood everywhere’, she continues, ‘like a volcano.’

‘Right.’ I say, realising that she is trying to illicit a response from me. ‘I see.’ My mind had been elsewhere. I was thinking about something else as us guys have a habit of doing.

‘Oh, so you were listening.

‘Of course I was listening.’

‘Well, it would have been nice to get an answer!’ Her tone is off.

She’s fucking baiting me! I can believe it! I’ll take that bait. ‘If you want an answer, you should ask a question.’

‘I did.’

‘No you didn’t, you made a statement.’

‘It was a question.’

‘”Little cuts bleed like hell” is not a question, it’s a statement. If you had posed a question I would have realised an answer was required and given you one.’

‘You can be such a fuckwit sometimes.’

I stopped and turned to her, ‘You can go into town yourself’.

Fuck that shit.


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