Righto, here’s the beef.

If you needed to make an appointment for your Son to go to the doctors for his first jabs and you wanted your partner to go with you and appreciated that he was at work during the day but could potentially finish work at four if the need was there, would you make an appointment for 2 in the afternoon? Only if you’re a fucking moron you would.

And this is what I am faced with. I despise stupidity. There is nothing worse than an utter lack of common sense. If there is one thing guaran-fucking-teed to piss me off to the max, it is someone displaying ineptitude on a spectacular scale over something which affects me. This is one such thing. Tom needs to have his injections and there is no way that Jenny will be able to handle this by herself. She’d cry and freak out at it and needs me there. So why make the appointment whilst I’m at work? I can’t have the time off as our holiday allocation is full on the day in question which means I would have one hour only over lunch to:
Drive home and pick them up
Drive to the doctors
Sit through the medical (20 minutes)
Drive them back home and drop them off
Drive back to work

It’s just not physically possible which leave my other option which is to say ‘fuck it’ to work and just come back late. Not something I feel totally comfortable doing as I’m not exactly on the ‘favourite persons’ list at this time.

Why not use the brain the Lord blessed you with and think before agreeing to an impossible appointment. Why not take a few moments to actually consider the practicalities of a two PM appointment on a work day. What the fuck were you thinking?

It boils my piss. She boils my piss sometimes when have to work out how to fix up stupid idiotic decisions such as this. Sure, it is something minor. It’s not a big deal in the broad scope of things, but it is a deal. It is something I have to now piss around with in order to meet my commitments to work and family. It’s chew that I can do without, you know? This is just the stupid tip of the stupid iceberg and like the proverbial tip it hints and danger brewing underneath. Things are not going to go well if this is what the future holds for me. I would rather an ugly bird than a stupid bird. I don’t think it is really too much to ask for someone to have a little bit of a think before they make decisions which affect both people, or, here’s a fucking novel idea, actually ask for the opinion of the other person!!

That ends my rant. Chances are I won’t even mention this to her. I can’t be fucked with the chew of the argument which will inevitably grow from the mere comment that she ‘should have’. Instead, I’ll just bitch at you fine folk.


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