Maybe I just need to tell her to come home and that we can work this out if we’re both patient with each other and understanding. There is no doubt that at one time I did love her. She told me that she found the love I feel for her to be overwhelming. Why did … More Hurting

I am beginning to wonder if she does it on purpose…

Things are getting steadily worse, or maybe I’m just imagining it. We went to a Christening today. My fourth of the year but don’t get me started on that, it’s another story. She asked me to drive so that she could havea drink. ‘Fair enough’, I think. They are her friends why should she not … More I am beginning to wonder if she does it on purpose…

It gets worse…..

Following on from yesterday’s idiotic display, now I’m a ‘fuckwit’ apparently. Here goes the story: I didn’t mention anything about the crap from yesterday besides, calmly, telling her that she either needs to change the appointment or go by herself. I think that put her back up a little bit but that was yesterday and … More It gets worse…..


There is this girl that I work with that I get on really well with – in a purely platonic sense. We email each other throughout the day and do what friends do, share jokes, take the piss out of each other and what-not. Everything was perfectly fine until she started seeing this ape that … More Annoyed