I just ordered a cholesterol test. I think that my lifestyle may be getting the better of me and it’s high time I did something about it. I don’t do much exersize at the moment (never have) and I eat the wrong foods. Sausages, cakes, junk. I’ve just been talking to someone here who thinks that I may have high cholesterol and I had a think about it and I realised it might be true. So I figured I’d get myself a test just to be sure. The results should be interesting.

Last year in September I made a significant change to my lifestyle in a effort to improve my health. I stopped smoking after 10 years. I never really felt any better for it. I often wondered why I bothered to stop as the promised increased energy levels and feeling of well being never materialised. Maybe this never happened because of all the other shit I put into my body. Hydroginated fats, trans-fats, polyunsaturated, saturated, high salt, high carb, low fibre. Shit, man. I’m a walking fucking cesspit of everything unhealthy and unnatural known to man.

Stopping smoking was step one. Now it’s time for step two which is eating healthy. Step three will be exersize. I’m not in the mood to start that yet. ;o)

Regarding what I eat, I just did a quick tally of yesterday:

Breakfast was a double sausage sandwich with a hash brown topped off my a half litre of coca-cola.

Lunch was a large chicken mayonnaise sandwich with lettuce (yay something healthy) and another half litre of coca-cola.

Mid-afternoon snack was a bounty cake bar followed by half a dozen mini choco-crispy cake bites.

Dinner was pizza and chips with a custard slice to follow.

I had a glass of water before bed.

Healthy? Balanced? I don’t think so. . . In fact I’m probably killing myself and being utterly oblivious to the fact.

The optimum time to make a change is now so I will make the change now. As of today. No more sausages, no more cakes. There is so much good food out there I can eat that tastes good and is good for me. Jenny won’t like it, no doubt. But I’m sick of being a fat unhealthy lazy slob. Time to change.

2 thoughts on “Cholesterol

  1. Hey, good to hear, bro. Not just because of the typical, prosaic bleating of the “it’s a healthy choice” stuff but mainly because when things are stressful or just plain old cruddy, it’s easy to let yourself go. Easy to fall back into crappy habits.

    I know this all too well—and it takes balls to take care of yourself, especially when you’ve been stuck in “self-destruction-is-kewl” types of thinking. I mean, some forms of self-destruction are necessary—suffering really is the only way to grow into adulthood, develop as a person, such as—but long-term patterns of self-abuse, for no reason, is…well, I’m not sure exactly what it is, I just know it isn’t smart.

    So, you did quit the smokes, hey?

    Good show. Me, I did it the other way around—got eating healthy and started getting my pasty flabby ass back in shape, while planning on saving the smoke-quitting for later 😉

    Anyway, say Hello to the little guy for me once he pops out—in case I’m not around when that happens—okay?



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