All is well

It’s fair to say that about two weeks ago I suffered a little bit of emotional trauma. It all got too much for me and I flipped out, did a double take of my life and didn’t like the direction it was going in. Or maybe I did like the direction it was going in … More All is well

A thought I had

I have been thinking that maybe my unhappiness, no my dissatisfaction with life in general runs deeper and is more complex than I first realise. Perhaps it is not just this relationship which causes me anguish but it is my life in general. My career, the choices I made regarding education, my future and the … More A thought I had


It’s funny that after just one day alone my life feels devoid of purpose, like I am aimless, nothing to do nowhere to go no-one to see. Funny, yeah, I’m laughing real hard as I sit here for the second day of lonely self-loathing. Where did it all go wrong? Last night I got in … More Irony

A letter for Daddy

Dear Paul, I called you Paul and not Dad because you are no longer deserving of the title. In fact, you are not really deserving of the salutation ‘dear’ and I should have started this letter that I am sending you with a giant ‘fuck you’. But I digress. You may wonder why, after all … More A letter for Daddy

Relationships suck

Jenny left this morning at my request. She packed a bag and returned to her Mothers. I guess it’s natural to fly to where one feels safest. I told her I need some space and time to deal with the relationship and work out if it is something we can save. I don’t know if … More Relationships suck


A month has passed. A lot has occured. Here we go with a brief update regarding my previous post. I didn’t get an interview. In fact, I didn’t hear anything else from the guy I emailed after that first email. I called twice leaving voicemails. I emailed twice. No reply. No interview. No new job. … More Ohh…