Forum Upgrade & move

So the forum move went “okay”. The site seems to be sluggish as something incredibly slug-like but I am doing my best no to worry about it. After moving to the new host I uninstalled all the plug-ins from the site and then upgraded to 3.6.4. I figured might as well do it now whilst I’m in the mood and I guess I kinda sorta hoped that it would cure some of the sluggishness. I just need to now get some of the plug-in reapplied before people start screming at me for the loss of their images in the gallery and their scores in the arcade. To be on the safe side I reverted all the templates which didn;t match the version number. Now I fear I will have a huge task ahead of me with applying the template edits for each plug-in back again. Still, I guess it keeps me busy when her worshipfulness is watching her TV programmes.

In other news something is proper fucked with my keyboard, or browser, or something. @ and ” are the wrong way around. At first I thought it was French or something to do with the sodding language bar which doesn’t seem to understand the instruction to fuck off and never come back.

I think maybe a shut down/start up is required about now…

One thought on “Forum Upgrade & move


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