Well, things seem to have started really well with my new forum venture. We’re up to about 80 members within a week and interest remains strong in what is going on there. I haven’t written anything here recently because I have been very busy over there. If you haven’t yet, check us out. You might like what you see.

Right now I’m in the process of moving the forums from one server to another. This is some technical crap that I have never done before so I’m liable to fuck it up, or something. I hope not. At this time I am importing the forum database into the mysql database on the new host. So far things have gone wll with the move, but if it was going to fuck up, this is where it will happen. Maybe I should have waiting until I had a bit of support from Kory, but what the hell, I always have been impulsive. Why change the habit of a lifetime?

In other news, I keep getting referral hits to this site from porno sites.

What the fuck?

One thought on “AzHforum

  1. You always have my support, but I knew you’d be able to do it. Hell, you did so well I didn’t even know you had begun, let alone finished. A+ job man.



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