Medieval 2: Total War

I’m just back from playing the demo of Creative Assembly’s Medieval 2: Total War. The demo allows a walkthrough battle tutorial, two historical battles, Pavia and Agincourt, and an overview movie. You can download the demo for free from FileFront.

I played the battle tutorial yesterday and this afternoon tackled the Battle of Pavia. The combat system is very similar to Rome: Total War, but then it is a tried and tested method of simulating great battles so I’m not surprised there is little change. I’d go so far to say it is a good thing that there are no/few changes, as those familiar with the system can essentially pick up and play. I was a little disappointed, however, that I had to turn the detail down to low to get a satisfactory frame rate. I say a little disappointed as it is the Campaign with appeals to me more than the battles. I see the battle section as being an integral part of a much larger overview rather than the key feature of the Total War games. But still, turning the detail down is a bit of a bitch when I’m not in any position to upgrade any section of my PC at this time. In fact, I can barely afford the game, but fuck it, I want it so I’m having it.

Below is an in game screenshot. The graphical quality is passable but I wish it was better:

So now having tasted my first Medieval: Total War 2 experience, I am eager for more. Release date is the 10th November, and I have my copy pre-ordered from I guess we can write off the arse end of November then. I think I’ll be busy.

Find out more by visiting the official site for the game:

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