Back to my roots

AzH is back at DT, at least in a blogging sense. When all around seems to be falling apart it is natural to withdraw to where you feel safe and secure, so as my “interweb career” collapses around me (*rolleyes*) I find myself pulled back to the heart, the place I originally escaped to and from where I ventured forth to experience other places or the same places under a different guise or under a different outlook.

So why? Well, where the fuck have you been. All good things come to an end and all mediocre things also have a habit of finishing. It is the nature of all things. There is birth, there is life, there is death. We have reached this particular point in my internet existence because I quit my position at gamingforums this week. It is over. Yes, it is over (doubters) for good. There is no going back this time. The bridges are burned, the doors locked and bolted and AzH, the Forum Administrator, is gone. He has left the building, said good bye and done a runner. The end, finito, finished, kaput. Getting the picture?

So I quit, but why? If you know me at all and are not a casual viewer, you will know I have left the staff before and returned. Why is this time different? I posted my reasons for leaving so that there would be no misunderstanding and none of the “you’ll be back in a week” bullshit that has often been the result of my leaving in the past. Maybe one day I’ll go into more deatil regarding my reasons for leaving, but until that time I’m going to leave things as they are and the reasons for leaving as they are.

But I’m out and what’s done is done. I have no regrets regarding leaving nor do I have any regrets regarding ANYTHING else that happened over at gamingforums over the three years I was active there. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity and I’m not going to cry about it being over.

Time to move forward.

6 thoughts on “Back to my roots

  1. I hear you loud and clear, and we had this “discussion” over MSN already.
    You will be missed on gaming forums. On a personal level, I know I’m still one of those you decided to have contact with. For that I’m grateful.


  2. Some miss you more than others. Particularly those making shrines to your memory in the Spam forum. Oh, and the animated ‘quote’ signatures…


  3. Good for you, man. Leave with your head held high, and don’t look back. Or something. Where were we?

    Oh, yeah. Tell that fucking Queen to pay for her own damn trips here! Seriously, she’s rich and I’m broke! What’s up with that?



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