One thought on “Life

  1. I think you mentioned something like this a year ago, or so, and I recall saying something like “there is no meaning, no point” and saying that it was a matter of accepting that and being okay with it, or something like that.

    But that was just personal context, I see now. And I think that’s the point: it’s only something that can be answered by the individual. It’s up to a person to either figure out a purpose, invent one, or accept that there really is none (and then decide either to keep going, or reinvent himself so he has a purpose, or not keep going). Finding a purpose seems to be what this is all about.

    The purpose of life itself *is* to die; this makes room for new life, then death, then new life, and so on. It actually makes no sense to me. (What I really can’t figure out, though, is the point of knowing you’re going to die—humans are uniquely cursed with awareness of mortality. No one knows why.)



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