Well, things seem to have started really well with my new forum venture. We’re up to about 80 members within a week and interest remains strong in what is going on there. I haven’t written anything here recently because I have been very busy over there. If you haven’t yet, check us out. You might … More AzHforum

The fall and rise and fall of Orange – Third Edition

Orange experiences ‘major’ outage The broadband service run by mobile firm Orange is experiencing a “major” national outage. Several users have complained that they have been unable to use their connection since Monday afternoon. The company said the fault on the service, formerly known as Wanadoo, was due to a “third party network failure affecting … More The fall and rise and fall of Orange – Third Edition

The fall and rise and fall of Orange – Second Edition

I wrote this afternoon on the subject above and how things were very fucked up, but now I’ve seen this: And I’m not going to take the risk that they do something ridiculous such as suspend me over something said on the internetz. So the entry has had to be removed, just in case … More The fall and rise and fall of Orange – Second Edition

Medieval 2: Total War

I’m just back from playing the demo of Creative Assembly’s Medieval 2: Total War. The demo allows a walkthrough battle tutorial, two historical battles, Pavia and Agincourt, and an overview movie. You can download the demo for free from FileFront. I played the battle tutorial yesterday and this afternoon tackled the Battle of Pavia. The … More Medieval 2: Total War

Back to my roots

AzH is back at DT, at least in a blogging sense. When all around seems to be falling apart it is natural to withdraw to where you feel safe and secure, so as my “interweb career” collapses around me (*rolleyes*) I find myself pulled back to the heart, the place I originally escaped to and … More Back to my roots


It’s the end of the week and I have managed to remain successfully bored for the last five days. I have done the bare minimum to get by and I think that is going to be my plan for the remainder of my stay with this company. I need to get out, I’m looking to … More Emotion


I sometimes wonder at the futility of life. At the ultimate destination of living. Death. Why do we work and struggle and suffer to live when in the end we simply die? What is the point in life when all life is to end?