Reality TV Hell

So finally Big Brother finished and whilst Jenny is having withdrawal symptoms I’m pleased it is off my screen, at least until next summer. Glyn should have won it. Pete got the sympathy vote, if you ask me, and to be honest his appeal that he must win to “prove that there is a heaven” … More Reality TV Hell

It’s raining.

It’s raining. Today is *checks* the 18th August 2006. It is, one would imagine by looking at the date, the middle of summer. One look out the window tells a different story. I feel like it has been raining forever. It rained at the weekend, it rained on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday (thankfully) … More It’s raining.

Hmm, ok. . .

So it has been a bloody long time since I have posted here. Life has been busy and I have simply not had time to post anything or to update like I would like to. I guess we all need to make sacrifices of the things we spend our time on when time gets shorter. … More Hmm, ok. . .