The Weekend Cometh

It’s Friday. My favourite day of the working week because it is the last. This Friday is a better kind of Friday because it is the start of a Bank Holiday weekend. Three days from the price of two. It is also better because it is pay day today so after a week or two of being on the bare bones of my arse I have money in my pocket for beers and treats. I can’t be spending too much (so I keep telling myself) because this month’s pay includes all the spending money for Cuba, but I still intend to go out and get proper fucked up on Sunday with Jen and Tex and Heidi. I just hope they don’t go postal like they did last weekend in Flares (ruining a good night up to that point).

It’s funny what drink does to some people, and what some drinks do to some people. Jenny, for example, is forbidden to drink gin again. Last weekend, last Saturday night, was an example of how too much drink can turn good people into nasty bastards. T and H had a bit of a falling out over something stupid and despite my efforts to sort them out it between them it ended in her trying to attack him and him being over a foot taller and twice the weight. You can imagine the results. It wasn’t nice to witness the results. But, I don’t want to go into the details. Suffice to say that things worked out and all is well between them. We have a solemn promise from them that it will not be repeated.

Anyway, several hours have passed since I started this which is surprising as I haven’t exactly been busy. The “problem” is that I have this job down now. It doesn’t challenge phase or interest. I have nothing left to do today and I am so up-to-date work wise that I am waiting for them to throw work at me. I am that bored that I yearn for something to come up and bite me so I can at least involve myself and work my brain.

Friday was made even better by a visit to the pub at lunch time. Rather than spending 30 minutes and a below-par canteen I was able to spend 90 minutes drinking Stella in the pub over the road. Only two pints, but it was enough to take the edge off the boredom and I’m back in the office and not at all worried by the shit going on around me. I’m like a rock and work is like the river flowing around me and not disturbing my state of mind.

I’ve decided though (drinking during the day gives me the taste) that we should go out tonight for one or two or five of eight or ten. I am really in the mood for getting smashed. Two/three weeks on surviving on a pittance is enough to get me in the mood for spending a fortune on beer now the weekend is here. Only an hour to go then it will be time to hit the shops then home then changed then out. Drinking is fun. I love it.

Maybe I should have grown out of it by now. Maybe I should not want to go out and get drunk. People claim that binge drinking is the curse of teenagers. I don’t care what they say, Jenny and I love a good drink. Tonight we’ll go into town and visit all the usual places. We will bump in to people we know. Say hi, have a laugh and generally have a good time.

Then, Saturday we need to go into town and finalise things with the holiday. Organise the travellers cheques, sort out tickets, find out about cash machines and what not. Then Sunday it is time. An all day sesh is in order, me thinks! A foursome, on the piss and Monday off to recover. I doubt I’ll have a chance to write anything between now and Tuesday, so I’ll bid you farewell and chat to you later.

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