Good bye DT

I’m in two minds now over what to do. On one hand I have a forum which enjoyed minor success and has been popular with a few people but which I feel has ran it’s course and I have little interest left in. On the other hand we have MFiH which is new, fresh, different. I like it, people who join like it. It has a structure unlike that of DT insofar as rules matter. I’m trying to build a mature adult community and as a result some basic guidelines are required to keep trouble makers in line. I’ve never been one to shirk away from banning someone with as much (or as little) reason as I see fit, but it helps to have a framework to which participants are required to adhere. We never had that on DT but we do have it on MFiH.

So, DT. It’s a problem, really, a thorn in my side now. I rarely bother with it. I have lost interest in it and I am conscious of the fact that it requires time and money to maintain. Recently our vBulletin licence ran out, and whereas we have the require donations to renew, both Kory and I are wondering if it really is worth it or not. I don’t have any desire to develop DT further or to put any vast amount of time into it. I visit now out of obligation, not because I have a desire to do so. I’m getting tired of the incessant bullshit, to be honest. The fuck you – fuck me brigade bore me. I just don’t get off on it anymore. So I guess through typing this I have made my mind up regarding DT. It’s time is at an end. The forums are to close. They will cease to exist in their current incarnation.

Now, there is a twist. Something I have been considering and something I really need to talk to Kory about. He’s the “tech-guy” so he’d have to do this if we did do it. There is something in my head which considers merging the Devious Tyrant database into the new MFiH (if you haven’t guessed by now that’s Mushroom Festival in Hell) forum database preserving the history, the posts, threads, members, and so forth. I’m sure it is possible, and I would quite like to keep what we have already (I suppose) as some of the content could be/can be rescued. But maybe a clean fresh start with none of the crap from DT would be a better option. I don’t know. I’ll need to think on it.

For sure though, ‘goodbye DT’.


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