Star Trek

I’m really getting into my Star Trek again. I have just finished downloading Seasons 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 of Voyager and have Seasons 3 and 5 on the way to complete the collection. I was going to just watch the entire thing from beginning to end over the course of a few months with one or two episodes a night, but last night I got a little bit excited about the possibility of some Borg action so I took in Unimatrix Zero parts one and two, which if I remember spans two seasons being the finale of one and the opener of another. I ❤ Borg. They are just so cool. Even Jenny, who you would not consider a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, likes the Borg.

What is it about them that is so appealing as a Trek enemy? I’m not so sure but I would have a stab at it being the implacable nature of the Borg. All other races can be reasoned with, pleaded with, bargained with, whereas the Borg just keep on coming. Adapting as they go. I think that and the very nature of defeat at the hands of the Borg is what makes them a terrifying prospect (and we all know the more we are scared the more we like it). The loss of one’s individuality is an abhorent prospect. No matter what our social, economic or political situation, we’re always free in our minds. It is like a refuge we all have, our ‘Bastion of Privacy’ in a world awash with horrors great and small. Losing that would be terrifying, and I think that is what sits and the heart of the Borg’s appeal.

Last night after watching Unimatrix Zero and then reading some of the comments on the forums about people’s favourite Star Trek series, and with my appetite sufficiently whetted for all things Trek, I searched for some DS9 which is my second favourite Trek series. I managed to find Seasons 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 in .avi format and started them downloading (I had originally downloaded Season Five of Voyager in an awful .MP4 format and had to trash it). DS9 started pretty quiet but it did heat up when the Wormhole exposed the Gamma Quadrant and the Dominion. I’m hoping that with the Seasons I have managed to pick up I’ll be thrust in to the thick of the action. DS9 has some of the best fleet action battle scenes outside of the Trek movies. It is the best series for action being set in the midst of the Dominion War.

I just have to wait for them to arrive now, and checking ABC this morning suggested I’ll be waiting until 2007. It’s a long time to wait, but what the hell, it’s not like I’m paying for them.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek

  1. I have seasons 1, 4, and 7 of ST: Voyager on DVD. I haven’t watched them in a while, but you’ve prompted me into wanting to watch them. I probably could get back into Trek full-time.


  2. Voyager had its moments, but I wasn’t generally interested in any of the characters; except for the doctor, I guess. He seemed more human, less cardboard cut-out then the rest. IMO. The Borg stuff was good.

    (If you like DS9’s ongoing Dominion War story, largely because of Ron Moore, you’d bloody love what he’s done with his remake of Battlestar Gallactica—the best show I’ve seen on TV in many, many years.)



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