Reality TV Hell

So finally Big Brother finished and whilst Jenny is having withdrawal symptoms I’m pleased it is off my screen, at least until next summer. Glyn should have won it. Pete got the sympathy vote, if you ask me, and to be honest his appeal that he must win to “prove that there is a heaven” pissed me off. Such bullshit, and such an appeal to the good people of this country. He played on their sentimentality. The fucker. Glyn should have won, just for making Nicki say that she needed a good spanking in Welsh. Proved he was a devious little git with that one. But anyway, by the end of the 13 weeks or whatever it was, I was pretty bored of BB. I watched it if Jenny was over, and didn’t mind the finale, but yeah, I’m pleased it’s over.

Of course, the reality TV offensive (pun intended) continues, this time with the hopefuls on X-Factor. I like X-Factor. Some of the people who go on it are retarded, obviously, but on occasion you’ll get someone decent. Of course, the main reason to watch X-Factor is Kate Thornton. I’ve already told Jenny that if she leave me Kate is the one for me. She’s a stunner. Beautiful, sexy. She looks delicious.

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