How can they claim it is not a civil war!?

Link BAGHDAD, Iraq — With American fighter jets providing air cover, U.S.-backed Iraqi troops battled radical Shiite militiamen Monday in the southern city of Diwaniyah in one of the first major clashes between the two forces. At least 40 people were killed — including 25 soldiers — and more than 90 injured, according to U.S. … More How can they claim it is not a civil war!?

The Weekend Cometh

It’s Friday. My favourite day of the working week because it is the last. This Friday is a better kind of Friday because it is the start of a Bank Holiday weekend. Three days from the price of two. It is also better because it is pay day today so after a week or two … More The Weekend Cometh

Good bye DT

I’m in two minds now over what to do. On one hand I have a forum which enjoyed minor success and has been popular with a few people but which I feel has ran it’s course and I have little interest left in. On the other hand we have MFiH which is new, fresh, different. … More Good bye DT

Counter Proposal

So we’re just about to submit our counter-proposal to the changes they are making to our job. As part of the consultation process we’re entitled to put together an alternative plan for consideration. I’ve been working on this today and yesterday with a couple of colleagues whilst the rest stand idly by and let whatever … More Counter Proposal

Star Trek

I’m really getting into my Star Trek again. I have just finished downloading Seasons 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 of Voyager and have Seasons 3 and 5 on the way to complete the collection. I was going to just watch the entire thing from beginning to end over the course of a few months with … More Star Trek