Wednesday Update

It’s been a while since my last update, seems to be going that way recently. I think that it is likely to be something that I do on a weekly basis now as I seem to lack the time to update. Okay, that’s a bit of a lie. I have time to update, but I can always find something better to do. Not so when I’m at work though. When I’m here it’s easy to steal an hour or two to write something down to publish on the web. ‘Update your blog and get paid’, is the latest recruitment idea.

Which is also another lie. In fact, this company has a freeze on recruitment. You can read any of the links below regarding Orange’s plans to cut back on staff.

The Independent

The Register

BBC News

I haven’t talked about this before, because I guess I was hoping/wishing/thinking that it wouldn’t effect me, and I don’t think it will. I’m quite sure my job is safe, but the atmosphere this kind of thing creates is oppressive. People are worried that they might lose their jobs. Rumours are being started and quashed and started again about who is at risk, who is safe, who might be going, who is staying, about redundancy and how much will be paid, about whether it is Wanadoo staff or Orange staff who will be affected. In addition to the uncertainty, many teams are suffering from the freeze on recruitment. I guess it makes sense when you’re looking at cutting back 2000 jobs to not employ anyone else, but it is beginning to severely drain some of the teams here with several of the new teams set up recently having to spend time doing their old jobs to cover the shortfall. It’s just the kind of fucked up future planning we’ve come to expect from this organisation. Still, I think I’ll be okay, and I think we’ll come through this alright, and I think I’ll still have a job at the end of the month/year/whenever. Sometimes it is hard to be positive, especially when I feel so negative.

Maybe I’m just on my period, or something, but today I am struggling to concentrate on anything or even consider doing anything which might constitute work. On a Wednesday I am off the phones, so I intend to sit here until 1 o’clock and then fuck off out of this place. There is no point me being here today anyway, as I am not going to do anything useful.

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