Working month day one and any sense of urgency about the team is sadly lacking. It is always this way. We work harder and harder and faster and faster as the end of the month approaches. Doing what we can to secure that final account to add to our tally and increase our bonus. Such increased activity naturally leads to a calmer period afterwards and the beginning of the month is the ideal time for this as deadlines seems so very far away. In addition, we have a missing manager today, I think he is off tomorrow too, and this is the first day of a very short three day week for me.

The chance of any work being done today; slim to none.

I had a reasonably busy weekend. So I’m going to take this opportunity to spend some relaxing time at work ready for next weekend. The bathroom is well on it’s way to getting finishes now. I have some more painting to do, but after that it is just accessorising. You know the kind of shit I mean, towel rails, bog roll holders, blah blah blah. Jesus, why are you reading this stuff? I’m boring myself.

Craig fucked me off (that’s better) on Sunday night. I was out Friday and Saturday night with Jenny and painting Sunday day time (have you ever tried painting a ceiling which is nine feet high? It isn’t easy) and come Sunday night I was beat. Tired, aching, dehydrated and not in the mood for another night on the piss. Craig had called me just at the time when I was sending Jenny a message (to say that we should stay in instead) and said that he was out in town. Oh well, I thought, maybe I can get out regardless of not really feeling like it. I don’t get to see Craig all that often.

But it was raining, and we spent a shit load of money on the two previous evenings. Combine that with general tiredness and aches & pains, and it is easy to see that I was not going to make it out. So the text messages started:

Where you?

I’m not coming out. Too tired and it’s raining.

Poor show. Get yourself out money bags.

I’m not moneybags yet.

I’ve got money. How often do I come to Darlo?

He only comes to Darlington when he is with other friends, not because I am here. Me being there was some kind of after thought and he knows that I know it. It irritates me when people try and make out they are doing something for me when there is a hidden agenda (or in this case a quite obvious agenda).

They start again.

No reply. Poor show Brother.

I’m not coming. I’m too tired and have been out the last two nights. Sorry. We’ll go out another time. Promise.

No excuses. Sorry.

I’m getting too old for this bullshit so I ignored the last message. I don’t have time for pleading with someone for forgiveness for not going out for a drink on a cold, wet Sunday evening when I would rather stay at home. Maybe it is me getting old, but I don’t have the energy for a full weekend on the piss like I used to. Not only that but I don’t have the money for it either. It irritates me that people can be so short-sighted and ignorant. Especially people who I am close to. No should mean no, and if I say that I am not going out that should be enough of a fucking excuse.

I didn’t want to. End of story.

But I’m bound to get it in the neck at some point today. Yippee!

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