I have this burning desire to get really pissed. I mean, seriously fall over, fall-down-dead drunk. So far I’m through half a bottle of wine and a single can of cider. All that remains alcohol wise in the house is half a bottle of vodka and a full, as yet unpoened bottle of whiskey. Sometimes … More Drinking


Got up late and skipped my appointment at the bank. They’d only be telling me how shit I am with money, so fuck it, I’ll manage without some over-bearing bitch pulling my finances to pieces. Also forgot to visit the opticians when I was in town. I’m going to try these wear for 30 days … More Today

php shizzle

I’m getting pretty handy around phpmyadmin and mysql stuff. I successfully moved all the posts from azhblog to here without too much trouble. The only pain in the ass was having to copy the original posts I had made here into notepads and then reopst them after the move because azhblog was running WP 1.5.2. … More php shizzle


A girl we work with was sent home crying today. Speculation was rife as to the reasons why, but as always happens, the truth eventually surfaces through the murky gossip and it wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped. Her dog was ill and the vet might have to put it down. Okay, so the … More Love

Ahh, shit.

Before I know it it is five thirty in the morning and between browsing the net, setting up this new blog and intermittently taking wallpaper off the wall I have failed to go to bed. I need to decide now whether to sleep now or to stay awake. If I do go to bed I … More Ahh, shit.