It’s like a weight has been lifted

The last week has been a nightmare. I’ve had struggles with money, trouble sleeping, vandalism to my property, problems at work with systems, trying to get things done, delays imposed by those who should be speeding the processes, idiots asking me to do things which I don’t need to do. Yesterday’s comment from one of our sales muppets took the piss:

The thing that pisses me off, you know Alan, is that this isn’t even my account, you know?

The thing that really pisses me off, is that this isn’t even my issue. You know?

And that has been my week. The team, as a collective, are getting more and more pissed off with the huge amounts of bullshit that are being shovelled in our direction. It’s almost like the fuckers can’t think of anywhere else to send their problems so they send them to us. We have become the dump of Orange. The place where all the shit that nobody else wants to touch is sent. And if fucking pisses me off.

But this isn’t about that. I’m no longer pissed off. My biggest problem, I think always my biggest problem in my life is with money. I am just no good with it. If I have it, I spend it. If I need to save for something, I struggle. If I don’t see an immediate return on money paid out, I feel robbed. This holiday to Cuba has been a problem, and it shouldn’t be. I’m struggling to pay it, and that is causing Jenny to get annoyed and she thinks I am putting things off and such like and that causes friction between us. No fights, but an underlying feeling of annoyance.

I needed to get a quick fix for this issue, because to be honest there is no way I could have afforded to pay it in time and that would have been a disaster. Seriously it would. Not just for the sake of the holiday, but for the sake of my relationship. She would feel like I had let her down if I did not get it sorted. So it has been sorted.

I called the bank today. I was uncertain, I think I am negative regarding my finances because I am so useless with them. I was uncertain that they would do what I asked them to do, which was to loan me an additional £1500 to pay for my holiday and cover the balance of my credit card. They said yes, after 30 minutes on the phone, and it was like an immediate release of pressure.

I’ll have the money on Tuesday, the holiday will be paid on Wednesday, and all is now well with me.



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