Regarding “a pleasant surprise”

A guy at work found an interesting link relating to my property damage from last night.

Airgun incidents spark warnings

police chief has warned of the potential for a tragedy after a series of incidents involving airguns.

Durham Police said armed officers were called to nine alerts over the weekend involving air weapons.

Head of operations Supt Jamie McAloon warned owners of the guns to be aware that reports to police from the public would generate an armed response.

He warned people carrying airguns were potentially putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

Firearms amnesty

In the last year, armed officers have been deployed 235 times across County Durham and Darlington – 141 more time than the previous year.

Supt McAloon said: “The more often armed officers are called to incidents involving airguns and other weapons the greater the chance that, at some point, the person who has sparked the alert will behave in a way that will end in tragedy.

“Without close examination it is often impossible to tell whether a firearm is an airgun, a ball-bearing gun or a more powerful weapon.”

He urged parents considering buying an air weapon for a child to think again.

A firearms amnesty is due to take place across the force area towards the end of May.

So it isn’t an isolated incident which makes me feel better. If this is a petty trend within the hopeless child gangs of the area then so fucking what? It is still costing me £50 as an insurance excess. The bastards. But at least it wasn’t targetted at me personally.

I’d still like to get my hands round the neck of the shithead who did it. I want something for my £50, so kicking his teeth in would be a justifiable reward.


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