A pleasant surprise

There I was; imagine the scene, sat in my back bedroom at the computer which is next to the single window in the room when all of a sudden there is this mighty crash and the sound of breaking glass. Stunned, I looked around without actually realising what had happened. I opened the curtains and some fucker has put my fucking window through. The only way it could have been done is if it was shot through with a pellet gun. It has made a hole in the outer pane of the double glazing and cracked all the way up to the top of the frame. I looked outside and had a quick scoot around the block to see if I could see anyone who might have done it; hoping to dispense come rough justice to some punk who I happened to catch red handed, reloading or something silly like that. It was to no avail and I never got the chance to ram that pellet gun up the arse of the cunt who did it.

Bastards. Just what I needed. I have called the police and got a reference number then tomorrow need to contact my insurers to get the window replaced. There will, no doubt, be an excess to pay, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time in that respect. I simply cannot afford to be paying out money for stupid, unnecessary shit like this when I have a holiday to pay for.

What a fucking marvellous way to end a wondrous day of utter bullshit.


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