I cannot think of a title for this entry

I’ve done enough work today to deserve a few minutes to myself so I thought I would take the opportunity to put something down for an update on my blog. The big news for today? Finally. Fucking. Payday. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord and all his concubines. There is money in my pocket, money in my bank account and it is going to last, ooh, maybe a week before I am broke once more.

This holiday we’re embarking on in September is mercilessly raping my bank account on a monthly basis. It has to be paid by June 15th and I have just one more payday between now and then, not including today. At the weekend I’ll go and pay a further £200 off the balance but I still then need to find £400 before it is all paid off and it is looking like I will have to find all that next month which will leave be out of funds again. It’s becoming tedious but I’m getting used to having no money. I guess it’s time to tighten the purse strings and buckle down for the interim, at least until it is paid.

Goddamn, it had better be worth it.

I’ve made some good progress with work shit this month which will help towards the holiday next month. Got some good accounts in and looking to get a decent bonus in as a result. Keep your fingers crossed for me, guys whilst I ride the shitstorm of financial fuckery.

Regarding work, my job involves talking to business customers who are considering or about to leave for a competitor My job is to retain the business we may lose and I have drawn a correlation between the size of the account and the shit that needs to be done. For example, a six phone account:

My needs are as follows; I need to be able to make and receive calls from our vehicles in handsfree mode. I need voice dialling. I need personel handsfree for when I am in the gym (some music option would be nice). I need access to e-mails and the internet. I need an organiser function as I put all appointments on the phone. I need text services and group texting would save a lot of time. I need the facility to store up to 500 contacts. I need Bluetooth, call divert, call waiting.

Anything else?? Jesus!

The alternative is a 136 phone account I dealt with this month. He wanted his account to balance, what he was owed in credits and someone to talk to about his account if he ever had trouble again. See the difference? It has always been the same. These bastards with so little expect so much when the big guys just want a bit of peace and quiet. I think I might end up telling the little man to get fucked. “Here is your PAC number. . .”

I had an interesting conversation with Jenny yesterday regarding “the ex” and some of the things she said to a friend of ours recently. Inevitably, anything which is said about me to anyone here gets back to me, especially when the person who is being talked to is a good friend of ours. So this is how it went:

EX: How are Alan and Jenny getting on?

Why is the first thing on the agenda me? Don’t people have anything better to talk about?

SL: They are fine. Getting on really well. Perfectly suited. Made for each other.

Words to that effect

EX: Wasn’t Jenny jealous when Alan was dancing with you at the Christmas Party?

This was in January and it is still something she thinks about. I read a comment on her blog once along the lines of, “We had a good laugh watching my ex making a fool out of himself”. I was enjoying myself, if that makes me foolish then fuck you miserable bastard!

SL: No, not at all. There is no jealousy in that relationship. It wasn’t even mentioned.

Of course not, SL and I are good friends. Jenny and her are good friends. Why the hell would there be any jealously?

Some time later:

EX: I have had three boyfriends since I split up with Alan but none of them have compared to him.

SL: Okay. . . .

Ahh, so there we have it.

She’s fishing. She wants to know if there is anything there, if there is any crack in my current relationship that she can wriggle into a force open. It all makes sense. “Is everything ok between them?” “Tell him that nobody compares.” She has realised what she had and what she lost and is hoping for there to be something there to cling to. Some hope of a reconciliation. Some way to get back together? I don’t know.

My other considered explanation is that she is trying to fuck with me by making me think that she is still interested in order to get me interested again in order to “win” by rejecting any attempt I make to reconcile things. Maybe. I guess it is one of those things that I will never know. We can theorise, and scheme and probe and consider, but we just don’t know what is going on in someone’s head. Especially in a case like this.

As Rachel said: She’s just too nuts.

One thought on “I cannot think of a title for this entry

  1. Sounds like it’s a good idea to not overthink what the ex is doing. By analyzing it and wasting time thinking about her (instead of something else), you’re playing into her hands. I say, be aware, but don’t linger on her at all.

    Keep moving forward and don’t look back. You’ve got better things to occupy your thoughts 😉



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