Got up late and skipped my appointment at the bank. They’d only be telling me how shit I am with money, so fuck it, I’ll manage without some over-bearing bitch pulling my finances to pieces. Also forgot to visit the opticians when I was in town. I’m going to try these wear for 30 days contact lenses. Glasses get in the way and daily contacts are a pain in the ass. Hopefully this new approach will work out for me.

I hate town on a Saturday. Too busy and too many people all trying their very best to inhibit my progress. Either by walking three astride on a pavement which will only take three and subsequently blocking all other traffic or stopping in the middle of the street to exchange tired bullshit with people they would have preferred to not see. They should introduce express lanes for us guys (because let’s face it, it’s women who dilly-dally) who want to get shit done, and done fast, and then get the fuck out of there.

So, to see Mother, get some cash, buy a birthday card for Ellis, top-up Mother’s phone, get some lunch, grab a bag of wallpaper paste and then rush back home where jenny was waiting. We had a bite to eat and then started on the bathroom. We’ve almost finished all the wallpapering in there. Just the fiddly little bits to complete and the section where I ripped a tile off the wall and then filled the resulting hole. Should be done tomorrow and then paint the ceiling, then paint the walls. There always is something to do but I’m lazy; there, I said it. I’m a lazy fucker and I don’t take well to decorating, but Jenny wants to move in and she wants to have things ready for that for when we get back from Cuba. So I do my duty and get covered in wallpaper paste. You have no idea how much I hate wallpaper paste. The stuff is fucking disgusting, and I got myself covered in it in the few hours we were working on the bathroom. Then, Jenny goes to work and I quickly get changed and head into town again. It’s Easter tomorrow, of course, and I needed to buy an Easter Egg for my baby (which is now chilling in the fridge alongside a bottle of wine). She’ll be coming back here after she finishes work, so maybe a couple of glasses of wine and then head to bed. I had a nightmare trying to find somewhere which still had Easter Eggs in stock and I eventually wound up across town at Sainsbury’s. In future, remind me to plan ahead a little more.

Tomorrow I want to finish the wallpapering in the bathroom. I want to get it done now and move on to the upstairs landing which is also awaiting lining paper and then a coat (or two) of paint.

I wonder sometimes if things will ever be finished. . .

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. I can paint your bathroom ceiling!! Is off-white okay?

    Anyway, I hear a house is never finished–especially once a female gets in there…there will always be something that isn’t right. That’s what I hear, anyways.


  2. That is quite true. When a woman involves herself you end up having to do so much shit to any house. Fortunately this one isn’t too bothered by stupid little statuettes and ornaments and shit like that. She wants things to be clean and tidy and clutter free and I’m cool with that. It is what I want too. So yeah, I imagine you can guess from her involvement that she is moving in.



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