So I guess we’re open for business again

After a month hiatus it’s time to re-launch my blog, with a new url and theme. Thanks to kory for the superb banner. It was a simple task to piss around with the css to get a look a like. It’s quite a departure from the darker imagery I have opted for previously, but I like it. I have new outlook now anyway, less aggressive, more reflective. Perhaps the new look will enable me to post in a more positive light.

I’ve been fiddling with things for the last few days. Added the gallery once more, stealing the images from azhblog and uploading the pictures taken in Miami. Also hit the WordPress Plugin Database for some neat features such as auto-links and comment subscriptions. Pretty much all the features from the old blog have been dragged over including my favourite, the Random Quote generator (see the footer).

I have linked to those blogs I could remember, but if anyone from the old GF Blog Ring wishes to be added please send me an email:

So now all I have to do is keep on posting. Get some decent, non-bullshit content up, and get the word out there that we’re open for business again.

Feel free to say “hi”.


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