php shizzle

I’m getting pretty handy around phpmyadmin and mysql stuff. I successfully moved all the posts from azhblog to here without too much trouble. The only pain in the ass was having to copy the original posts I had made here into notepads and then reopst them after the move because azhblog was running WP 1.5.2. TiIaTS (acronyms are cool) was on WP 2.something, but I have transferred 1.5.2 into 2.whatever in the past with shitty results. I might look at upgrading to the new version, depends on how much of a pisser it will be with plugins and such. Maybe a task for one weekend.

Right now I’m working on a theme for the new blog. It’s all blue and gay right now, but I like the structure so it isn’t a major arse about to fix up the css to something better. I think I’ll ask the guys at DT to put me together a banner for this place and base the colours off whatever they come up with. Then all I have to do is commit to posting, and making sure the posts aren’t as fucking shit as they have been in the past. Sometimes I can write decent stuff, other times it’s lame crap about nothing anyone is actually interested in. “Work was crap” Yadda yadda yadda. I’m better than that. I guess I have to just remember to post when I have something worthwhile to say and to not just post for the sake of posting.

On that note I think I’ll hit the sack. Have a big night planned for tomorrow and I need to keep my strength up.

Sweet dreams, people.


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