Good Morning World

It’s just before 9 am now and I am up and about. Not dressed yet, not ready to face the world, just yet but therein lies a paradox I need to overcome. Today I feel tired, so very tired. I stayed up later last night first leading Carthage to victory over the armies of, first Rome and then Numidia, before starting a small skirmish with the Greek cities over Sicily. I then had a look on devious tyrant and gamingforums for a bit before stumbling across some really disturbing video content. There is some…

And I’ve lost it. I was trying to think of a word to describe the amount of shit you can find on the internet at places like youtube or Google video. So much irrelevant, interesting, funny, stupid, or whatever videos on the internet.

There is some mental shit on the ‘net and it is possible to get lost for hours finding different things to watch which is really good when you have time to kill but I guess not so good when you should be in bed sleeping so that your Saturday doesn’t start off with shaking off exhaustion.

I was talking about that paradox. I feel that I need to have a cigarette this morning to better prepare me for the day ahead but I do not have any. This means that I need to get dressed and go into town on the busiest day of the week to get some cash before I can be prepared for such a venture as going into town. It’s not a very nice situation to be in when you have a slight headache and an inability to think straight. Still, Ave Maria is now running through media player and I am feeling strangely better already.

There is some music which I feel has the ability to affect my state of mind. Either by buoying me up, waking me, shaking me from my slumber. I made the mistake?? I haven’t decided if it was a mistake yet, but let’s call it that for now. I made the mistake of leaving my alarm clock on this morning so I was woken by some shitty dance music on radio one. “I like the way you move!! Duh duh duh duuuh” or something like that. It doesn’t convince one that it is a beautiful day and cause them to get out of bed, but it does wake them.

Opens curtains. And closes them again. It looks beautiful out there today. I just got blinded by the light when I opened the curtains and had to shut them once more. But it looks like a marvellous day. Perhaps spring is here at last. Summer won’t be far behind.

Can you tell I’m trying to think positive? it is so I can be arsed to go get dressed and sneak into town to avoid seeing anyone who may stop me with conversation to get some money to buy some smokes and bottle of coke and to come back here, forget doing any house work and play computer games or post on forums or whatever for the rest of the day.

So at 09:20 it is time to get my lazy arse dressed and go get started on doing nothing. Right after joy division’s ‘love will tear us apart’.

Have a good day.



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