Regarding “a pleasant surprise”

A guy at work found an interesting link relating to my property damage from last night. Airgun incidents spark warnings police chief has warned of the potential for a tragedy after a series of incidents involving airguns. Durham Police said armed officers were called to nine alerts over the weekend involving air weapons. Head … More Regarding “a pleasant surprise”


‘In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.’, Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, 1789 How very true, and eloquently put. There is nothing we are more certain to do in life than die. I commented last week on the death of my cousin’s baby boy. The funeral is on … More Death

A pleasant surprise

There I was; imagine the scene, sat in my back bedroom at the computer which is next to the single window in the room when all of a sudden there is this mighty crash and the sound of breaking glass. Stunned, I looked around without actually realising what had happened. I opened the curtains and … More A pleasant surprise

I think it’s ok

. . .to still think about an ex. Especially one who you spent time with and shared life with. I still think about Sarah, sure I do. I still wonder how she is, what she is up to, how she is doing. You don’t just drop every single facet of your relationship with someone in … More I think it’s ok

Aiden Jack

I received some distressing news this morning. My cousin’s baby, Aiden Jack, died on Monday. He was just one hundred and eight days old. He was born on December 30th 2005 and on December 31st was Guest of Honour at the New Years Party hosted by his Grand Parents. I remember Nicola being there with … More Aiden Jack

Just Stuff

I dunno, things are great, but they feel wrong. Like, we get on really well all the time and it is unnatural to me to be feeling content. I spent the last years of my life in conflict. Either online on the forums where I have a reputation as a hard-nosed bastard who fucks all … More Just Stuff