The weekend is over

Dammit, back to work again tomorrow. The weekend never seems to last long enough. Although, I have a theory about that.

It seems like the less I do on a weekend the faster it passes. Friday was a great night, I cooked (again) and we drank, then watched a movie. Then bed time. Doing stuff on a Firday night is almost like an extra day of the weekend. Far different to my usual ‘do nothing on a Friday’ approach. Although Saturday was a wash out, did fuck all, and today, once again, did fuck all of any importance. Got some house work done, woot, that was worthwhile. . .

I need to start making the most of my weekends, visiting family for one, going out for another (but cash is short at the minute so I haven’t done much of that). Next weekend I’m going to be painting and decorating. I need to get the house finished and there is very little left to do that a few extra quid and a few days hard work won’t fix. Painting bores me, but it needs to be done if I want to get someone in (and reap the cash benefits of renting the spare room and therefore be able to afford to go on holiday in September).

Yeah, we have decided against Australia in September. I simply cannot afford the lay out of cash that is required. We still want to go away and will do. On Friday we looked at Jamaica as a possibility. Still expensive but affordable all the same. Affordable, that is, if I can get someone to rent the spare room. We checked out some brochures on Friday night. Some of the places look gorgeous. Perfect, natural beauty. It is just what we both need. Two weeks in the sun.

Bleh, I can’t be arsed to write anymore. Going to bed.


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