Bored. . .

I’m sat here at work and I have done nothing work related in the last hour. Actually, I have done one thing. Someone called through to ask a stupid question. I replied with a stupid answer as one would expect of me. My apathy for work is becoming terminal. I think many of my colleagues fear I will self-destruct. I’ve turned into a bit of a gobshite and I’m saying things that a normal, rational person would not say. For example criticising senior management in ear shot of senior management. I’m a smart arse though and I know they cannot touch me for it. Fucking spineless bastards that we work with get insulted by their own staff and lack the empowerment to do anything about it. I intend to fully abuse that state of affairs to my advantage.

Australia is not gonna happen now. I talked with ***** about it and I simply cannot afford it. The amount of money I would be looking at for a flight (only) to Oz will pay for an all inclusive two week break elsewhere. We were looking at Goa, but September is out of season due to it being too hot and too humid. My next idea was the Caribbean, but apparently September is hurricane season. Shit. I guess it is back to the drawing board. Places I have in my head to consider are Mexico, Canada and Egypt. We shall see.

In three weeks time I’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic en route to Miami. Three weeks to go, man. (Time flies. It’s almost as if life is a rollercoaster (thanks, Ronan!!!1) which starts stationary and gets a little push at birth. Then as time goes by it gets faster and faster plummeting towards oblivion, accelerating all the time. Will my final years pass like a blur?) Three weeks to go then a week in the sun. Can’t wait for it. It’s the only thing that gets me through work at the moment. We fly out of Manchester at 11 am on the 9th of March for a week of partying on the beaches. I really need a break, if I’m honest. The last month, what with the break up, has taken it out of me. You can see in the previous entry how her antics are fucking childish, immature and pathetic. That is what I lived with and what I broke up with over the course of January. A childish, immature, spoiled brat. I need to get away for a few days. When I come back I’ll be in a better frame of mind to deal with her continuing bullshit. But anyway, I don’t want to dwell on that. Miami.

I’m focusing on Miami.

I’ve decided to get a lodger. When I get back it’s time to finish what I started at the ass end of last year and get my house completed. All I need to do is decorate now. Nothing too major. Finally I have someone coming out tonight to check on the Central Heating and let me know what sort of cost it will be to get put right. Once that is done all I will need is a lick of paint then I’ll be advertising the spare room here at work. I only want to get someone in for the extra money. I’m a private person and I like my own space. I don’t need company, although sometimes it’s a nice to have. With a holiday planned for September, having additional income would be of huge benefit to me.

I guess I should think about getting my arse in gear and doing some work. Maybe I can motivate myself to liberate some more customer’s from the shackles of their contracts.

. . . Maybe not.


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