Move on already, for fuck’s sake

Silly little people hold grudges or spend their valuable, precious time, talking about relationships which are long since over. All you do by discussing your ex, or complaining about his behaviour when he no longer has to answer to you or consider your feelings in the slightest way, is make yourself look like a fucking sad loser. Even sadder when you try to bitch to one of his friends full in the knowledge that the information will be passed on. What is more hilarious is when you try to give out information in a stupid, pathetic effort to make him jealous, or to pique his interest once more.

“I’ve been on lots of dates” He doesn’t give a fuck.

“I’m waiting until I find someone who appreciates me”. Go get laid already you miserable waste of time.

“He ignores me. He acts like I don’t exist”. You broke up! Get the fuck over it.

Jesus ‘fuck-me-backwards’ Christ, the immaturity of supposedly mature adults never ceases to amaze me. Accept that he doesn’t want you anymore. Accept that he is not interested in the slightest in what you have done or who you have done. Accept that he has moved on and that you should too. By talking about him to people who you know (unless you are very, very, very fucking stupid) will relay the information does not endear you to those people. It doesn’t make him care any more or less than he did. They think you are a sad pathetic loser with no life or notion of sense.

Move on already, for fuck’s sake


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