Artic Monkeys

I read somewhere that the Artic Monkeys’ album ‘Whatever people say I am, that is what I’m not’ is going to be the soundtrack for 2006. I think it’s going to be my soundtrack. The album is so fucking cool. Good enough for me to download everything onto my phone to use as an MP3 player on the way to and from work.

Check them out here. Get get your hands on the album too.

3 thoughts on “Artic Monkeys

  1. I think I’m in love 😉

    Sounds great, I’ll definitely go into it some more. By the way, about the comment you made on my blog, I finally updated it. You were right to remove it, at the time it was dead.

    Anyway, Saturday evening and nothing to do. Beer and Battlefield 2 it is then 😀


    Chris / Lord Wiener


  2. I’ve been listening to it constantly. It’s very easy to identify with the lyrics. Check out Mardy Bum to see what I mean.

    Oh, and I added you to my links once more. : )



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