I’m covered in the stuff and I don’t think I’m going to be able to shift it. When I say covered, I mean, it’s all over the place. On my face, in my hair, in my ears, my eyes. It’s on my hands, my arms, my legs, I’ve got glitter on my fucking nuts.

I had a great day yesterday. Did all the shit I needed to do in the morning and then met Terry for a few pints in the afternoon. It was good to see him, it’s very easy to not, if you know what I mean, with work, with relationships, it’s easy to drift from your friends.

Well, anyway, after downing three pints I then had to rush home and wait for ***** to turn up with her stuff for this morning. I had a quick bite to eat, then got bathed and ready for the party. Even if I do say so myself, I looked fucking hot last night. Seriously. I would have fucked me last night, I looked so good.

Craig came over and we headed to town for a couple of beers before shooting over to Tall Trees for the main event. Considering I’d had five pints before I got there, I was in pretty good shape. The place looked really good. They out did themselves. It was much better than last year’s farce. The place was packed too. Very busy and I managed to hook up with some of the people I used to work with. I was surprised by how many people I recognised from ‘over the road’ as it’s been five years since I worked there.

Yes, the glitter. There was pots of the stuff all over, and by the time I’d had another seven or eight bottles of beer, I thought it would be a good idea to let a certain someone cover me in it. Yes, a good idea at the time, but this morning we woke up covered in it. It’s all over the bed, it’s all over the carpet and the sofas downstairs. There is a shitload of the stuff in the sink from our futile attempts to wash it off. It’s in the kitchen, on the stairs. I have a fucking sparkling house. It’s going to take forever to remove it all.

But, despite the fact that I now have the arduous task of cleaning it all up, it was worth it. I had a fucking great night. Life couldn’t be better!! Except…

Work. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow. The bullshit I will have to put up with is starting to bother me. It’s so bad that on Friday night I couldn’t sleep for thinking about the shittiness of OBSCA’s. Monday is going to be hell.

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