Busy Day

Heading out in a short while. I have loads of crap to cover today.

I have to go into town and pick up my trousers for tonight. I had to get them taken down slightly as they are too short. One of the disadvantages of being 6′ 6″ tall. I need to buy a shirt, and maybe a tie too for tonight too. I then need to meet Terry for a pint and a chewing of the fat. Haven’t seen him in weeks so we have some catching up to do. Then, come home and tidy up this shithole. Then, arrange for ***** to come over to drop off her stuff for tomorrow, then get ready for the party tonight. Getting picked up at six and heading out into the night for fun and drinks. Should be a good night. Looking forward to it.

Anything else? I was going to get my haircut, but I don’t know about that now. It’s a good length (about a centimetre). Was going to get my eyes tested too, but I missed my appointment because I’m too lazy to get a move on that early on a Saturday.

Shit, it’s 10:20. Time to get a move on. Catch you later.


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