I was just typing some fucking bullshit about waking up at 7:30 this morning and going back to sleep and boring, boring, boring. Shit, I am so fucking bored. It’s 01:34 on a Sunday morning and I have had one of the most boring fucking days ever. When I did eventually drag my fat stinking arse out of bed I had to drag myself kicking and screaming into town to pick up some essentials that I needed after ‘she’ packed up and fucked off.

A washing basket, some pans, some glasses, knives and forks, for fuck’s sake. I didn’t even have any fucking knives and forks. A kettle. I couldn’t even have a fucking cup of tea this morning. Shit. One of those stupid trays that you put your cutlery in. I didn’t realise I had thrown so much stuff out. I had all this shit only three months ago and then ‘she’ moved in and I threw so much stuff out. This whole business is going to cost me a fortune. That isn’t good when I have a holiday to Miami to cover (seven weeks, baby, Miami here I come!!). On Monday I have to go collect (and pay for) two sofas. That’s £250 gone right there. I also have to collect (and pay for) a refrigerator. There goes another £100. The month has not even started and I’m broke already. Whoop-dee-fucking-do.

Do you know what though? It will be so worth it. So, so, worth it. I’ve been getting pretty friendly with this new, sweet, sexy young lady I know and I think we’re both ready now to move to the next stage. Next weekend will be an interesting one as we’ll both be at the same event and we’re both single. Maybe something good can come from this? Maybe it is fate that my relationship ended when it did. Only time will tell. But anyway, I don’t want to talk about her here. She’s for me and I’m not sharing. My last relationship was plastered all over the fucking internet and across forums, across blogs. I’m not going to have this one brought into the public domain too.

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