Well, that was reasonably painless

She’s gone. My home is now my own once more.

They came today and carted away all of her shit minus the junk that she didn’t want. I need to go over the house and remove every last remaining trace now. Then I’ll feel much better. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be, despite being told by Sarah that she hates me. Hell, I can live with that. I guess it must be difficult for someone as proud as her to be rejected like she was. In between watching and helping Simon and her Dad shift her stuff we had a chance to have a bit of a chat. I told her that I didn’t feel any bitterness or animosity, that I only wanted her to be happy and that I hoped everything worked out for her.

The response resembled something like, “You shit on me from a great height and I hate you”.

I think it is best that I draw a big fat line under this chapter of my life, or better yet, expunge it from my memory. Yes, we had good times, and I will always remember them, but I guess I am a little disappointed that she is so hostile towards me still. Surely, I asked her, it is better that it ended now rather than in a year when we would have both had so much more invested in the relationship?

I consider myself to have had a lucky escape. It’s ironic that one realises a person is not right for them after all this. It would have been better, for both of us, if we had both realised that we weren’t compatible and walked away a year ago. We live and learn.

Good bye, babes, it was nice knowing you. xx