The Daily Grind

Same shit, different day. Work continues to be an utter fuck on. The same arseholes, the same stupid customers, the same morons, the same tasks, the same calls. Bored. I think that sooner, rather than later I’m going to need a change. What route I take is not yet decided. There are now opportunities for me open which were not open two weeks ago. This includes the possibility of getting my arse in gear to sort out my driving licence and then looking for a sales position. Big money, high pressure, high risk. The alternative is to look at some kind of managerial role within the centre. Based on some of the monkeys that think they’re managers I have more than enough talent and ability to do the job. Or perhaps a different direction altogther? Perhap back to University and a degree and a new career path altogether. So many choices.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if I have time. I’m not getting any younger and I’m only just the right side of thirty. Time seems to pass faster the older you get. But is it too late to reconsider the choices I have made and take action to stop the mundanity of modern life? I don’t know, but if I wish to find out I need to have the courage to do it before it is too late. Is it ever too late?

I must admit though that work isn’t half as bad as it was last year. I think that if you can go to work after being able to relax at home, if your home is a refuge, then it isn’t half as bad as it would be otherwise. In my last relationship things got so bad that we were arguing every day. I was then having to come into work and deal with more shit. It wasn’t a pleasant state of affairs to be in. But that is over now and I’m movong on. I’ve started waking up and not dreading the day ahead. I’ve stared wanting to leave work as fast as humanly possible to get back home to do my own thing without stress or expectation. I’ve started to look forward, once more, to the company of a beautiful girl.

Yes, dear readers, things are steadily improving. Things are getting better. Let’s hope they continue that way.

Good night.

One thought on “The Daily Grind

  1. Hey, man. I see I’m not the only one going through heavy shit over the last few weeks. Just reading what you have on this page, anyway.

    Yeah, time seems to pass more quickly as people age–mainly we’re just less active and our metabolisms are slower…less energy and ambition, generally, too. But I think you’re still in a good position to grab ahold of your life and steer it in any direction you want…since I don’t think it’s too late for anyone. I think it’s only “too late” when someone finally gets it into their head that it is too late.

    Cheers, bro.



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