Why are you here?

You are here because you clicked on one of the many links that used to link to my blog. This could have been:


Last night was a night of many fuck ups. I was trying to do two things at the same time. Get intoxicated and Tidy up the many MySQL databases littering my webhost and removing the older blog installations on the FTP. I failed. Miserably. I managed to first delete the MySQL database containing all the blog information, and baring in mind this is nearly a years worth of entries, 153 posts and 470 comments, you can imagine I was pissed off with my own stupidity. For some reason though, phpmyadmin managed to keep a list of the tables and I was able to extract them and save them to my hard drive.

Next cam my attempts to recover. I did a fresh install via fantastico, but that installed a newer version of WordPress and fucked up whenever I tried to post something. Still, I had recovered the data it was just not in a useable format. So I tried again, and again, and again. I have a copy of WordPress 1.5.2 on my computer and tried to install it to three different directories, all with equally disasterous results.

Wordpress Error Message

Every time the same error. What the fuck is that all about? I tried editing the wp-config file to point at the right MySQL database, then at the wrong one, then at someone else’s. My efforts were in vain. Feeling pissed off, I thought that perhaps a new domain, and a completely fresh install would work well, so I went over to Telivo and picked up this one, azhblog.co.uk for a fiver. I then, and this is after five bottles of stella and three hours of being thwarted by a fucking software package, did a fresh install via Fantastico and extracted the posts and comments tables from the existing Database. I uploaded them and boom, same error as before. Fuck it, time for bed at that point.

This morning I figured I would get this bloody thing fixed or launch the computer at the wall. I get frustrated by things when I can’t fix them.

I uploaded the WordPress 1.5.2 files to the azhblog directory, created a brand new MySQL database and user, and installed. Step one completed. Next, I dumped the tables out of that install via phpmyadmin and uploaded my back up that I was able to retrieve last night.

No!!! Error message once more. Motherfucker!!

So, I went into phpmyadmin and manually edited the tables on the new MySQL database to point to the new URL. Refreshed and ZING! Fixed!!

Ahem so here you are. Welcome to azhblog.



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