GF, not girlfriend.

I don’t know what it is about the place, but gamingforums keeps on pulling me back in, and surprisingly (at least to me) the agree to take me back. Actually, maybe it isn’t that much of a surprise. I mean, it has happened so often now. I leave, I get grouchy because I see the stupid fucks who have taken over the running of the community and I see the crap they’re trying to pull, so I talk to someone about a return and they agree. I must be on my final life now. Surely, I cannot fuck the good folks of FileFront around any longer without them noticing I am taking the piss. I have to commit to the place, commit to the role, or I have to walk away. I’ve never been one for commitment, but in this instance I’ll make an exception.

I’m back. I walked back into – actually, that’s wrong. I pushed for the creation, or re-creation, of the Senior Admin group. So I walked back into the group and set about changing things to how I feel they should be. The fun had been thrown out of the place by heavy handed Moderators and inadequate Forum Leaders. How are the forum staff supposed to take a wannabe-submissive sex slave with a fetish for the Third Reich seriously? They don’t. The guy is a laughing stock and has the authority of a soggy Yorkshire pudding. So, he’s been dumped to Forum Admin (if I had my way he never would have got past SuperMod) and I have returned as head of the forum staff.

What I am trying to do is return the forums to a time when they were fun. When people weren’t scared to post a thread in a general off topic forum for fear of it being closed as being off topic. That makes as much sense of Monkeys flying out of my arse. I want to return to the fun times we had in 2003 and 2004. When threads were funny and members were individuals. When we talked about shit rather than politics.

Everyone I know who is related to that forum in one way or another will tell you the exact same thing. Things have been deteriorating. Members have been leaving. Activity is down and the reason is the attitude of people, members, staff, Administrators. If I can do anything to stop the rot or to turn things around then I will do. If that means I have to tread on some toes, or get rid of a few long standing staff members, then I will not hesitate to do so.

If you aren’t for funfunfun you are against funfunfun.

5 thoughts on “GF, not girlfriend.

  1. I wish I was cool enough to know who all those secret people are. Any time you ask someone about how a forum is compared to how it used to be, though, they’re going to say it’s gotten worse. Not that I disagree.


  2. The reason I am hardly there now is because I got bored of the place, however I am starting to get an interest back.



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