I suck at computer

That my computer, which I assumed was broken and for which I spent an hour on the phone at considerable cost to Tech Support, was fixed by a girl with a vacuum cleaner would be embarrasing if I cared about those things, but I don’t. I deeply appreciate the fact that it is working again, and seems to be back to full operational capacity (although this has yet to be fully tested), but I am not going to fret about me being too fucking stupid to check for a blockage to the colling system for the processor caused by dust causing over heating. Do I feel stupid? No. I’m too wrapped up in having my computer back and not lagging to care about being a prize dick.

Hopefully it is ready to run like the wind once more. Hopefully this isn’t just a temporary improvement but it has turned the corner. Hopefully I’ll start to experience a total improvement in performance that will last.

Keep your finger crossed for me.


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