GF, not girlfriend.

I don’t know what it is about the place, but gamingforums keeps on pulling me back in, and surprisingly (at least to me) the agree to take me back. Actually, maybe it isn’t that much of a surprise. I mean, it has happened so often now. I leave, I get grouchy because I see the … More GF, not girlfriend.


Stolen car was being driven at high speed TWO men who died after crashing a stolen car had been driving at high speed moments before, police said last night. Robert Michael Royal, 22, and Stephen John Dickens, 24, both from Darlington, died instantly when the red Rover MGZS careered into a traffic island in Yarm … More Karma

Okay, Rant Time

Old people doing jobs that require the mind of a younger person The guy who sits next to me at work is seriously past it. He’s over sixty now and trying to work with technology that is beyond his understanding. Twice last week and again this morning I have had to help him to explain … More Okay, Rant Time

Retro Gaming Heaven

My introduction to gaming occurred in 1991 when I got my hands on a grey import Sega MegaDrive and Sonic the Hedgehog. Fourteen years later, and I’m finally in heaven. I was out in town today doing some Christmas shopping, and as is inevitable, I ended up picking up a few goodies for myself. The … More Retro Gaming Heaven

Good Advice

Don’t eat yellow snow. Don’t pick your nose with a fork in your hand. Don’t shit where you eat. Always read the label. Don’t get angry over stupid shit as stupid shit happens. Move on, forget about it.