The consequence of laziness

Word is that The Empire in Middlesborough used to be a good place to go at the weekend. It used to be one of the hottest night spots in the North East. Last night it sucked more than I can possibly describe with the language skills I have. It sucked worse than I could possibly imagine.

We’d gone to ‘boro to celebrate the birthday of Dennis, one of Sarah’s good friends. He’s a decent guy and his girlfriend, also Sarah (and the source of confusion when someone is trying to attract the attention of one Sarah and getting the other), is cool too. Along with the four of us there was Dave, Dave, Helen, Emma, Mike and two girls I never bothered to learn the names of.

Let’s cut to the chase; The night was fucking pants. I wasn’t in the mood for drinking and Sarah was in the mood for drinking too much. I spent all night sober and bored. Seriously bored stupid. At one point I checked the time and felt dismayed that I still had another hour to go before the taxi arrived to bring us home. So I spent that hour surrounded by people anything up to 10 years my junior. It is the first time I have ever felt truly old and out of place anywhere. I’m able to adapt to pretty much any social or other situation, but this was just shit.

Has anyone else noticed that Students have the worst dress sense ever? Seriously, most were wearing shit my Dad would have worn in the seventies. Fucking terrible.

Today I was supposed to be meeting Terry for a drink but we got our wires crossed. I thought it was a night out, he though it was a lunchtime pint or three. I sent him a message at about 1 and he was out shopping and had planned to go out with Heidi tonight. I haven’t seen him in some time now and I fear we’re going to drift further apart if we’re not prepared to make an effort to see each other. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of relationships; you lose contact with your friends. It isn’t smething that I want to happen, but I spend most of my time now with Sarah and he spends most of his time now with Heidi. Shit happens, I guess, but I’m hoping to see him this week. Hopefully on Wednesday when Sarah is off visiting some family friends. We’ll have to see.

Next week I won’t be online too much. I have promised Sarah that next week we’ll d house stuff each night. No computers, just fixing up the house. It is getting here down and consequently it is getting me down too. We need more effort, both of us, although it is very easy to come upstairs, switch on the PC, and vegetate on an evening.

Next weekend we’re going to see my Brother, so we aregoing to do as much as we can each evening this next week before we go away and relax.

Catch y’all later.

2 thoughts on “The consequence of laziness

  1. How much work does the house need? It can really seem like a huge job when there are lots of things that need rectifying, but I find it strangely satisfying. I’m weird.


  2. Yep the Empire was shit, the night was shit and I was drinking to escape from it. When having a bad time, drink and the world turns upside down and usually for the better.



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