Football legend George Best is dead

..and not before time. People should know when their time is up and know when to let go and accept the fact that they have fucked with their body too much and it has had enough. When your body wants to abort you for the damage you have done, just fucking deal with it and get out.

People say that alcoholism is a disease, but I am beginning to think that it isn’t a disease, it is just another word for ‘stupidity’. Consider:

Best had suffered from years of alcohol abuse and three years ago underwent a liver transplant. However, he continued to drink.

This is nothing but fucking stupidity. I don’t buy the bullshit excuse that alcoholism is an illness. Shit, I feel like I am being cheated by adding -ism to the end of the word. If we ever want to make something a disease or an illness in order to generate sympathy or awareness, just tag -ism to the end of it and there ya go!

2 thoughts on “Football legend George Best is dead

  1. Pretty much. Humanity is a squirming pansy fest of diseased, depraved fucking morons…I guess we live with this by replacing old words with new Politically Correct terms…and adding an “ism” to something formerly known as simply “stupidity.”

    Like me: a hundred years ago I’d simply be an asshole. Now I suffer from borderline anti-social personality disorder . . .




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