Fuck Work

And fuck the cheap motherfuckers who work here too. If we’re not dealing with an incompetent senior management team who think that ‘providing a good service’ means ‘fucking over the staff by slashing bonuses, reducing pay, removing essential tools of the job, redundancies, bullshit policies, stupid business rules, providing policies and processes from fifteen years ago and systems which fall down when sneezed at’, we’re having to listen to the constant petty bullshit of the fucking idiots on this team who expect to get all the good accounts and none of the bad accounts. You are part of a fucking team, you cocksucker. You take the good with the bad and you put up with it. I’m sick of listening to whiney little fucks who think they have a harder time than anyone else here. Everyone is over-worked and under-pressure and nobody works any harder than anyone else. What makes you think that you are more worthy of an easy time than anyone else? When you are gifted an account worth over £500 and have to pluck a few arse hairs to claim the money, you don’t then turn around the next day and squeal like a stuck pig because someone gave you something hard to do! What are you? Fourteen? A child? Grow the fuck up, grow a pair and begin the realisation process. Life isn’t easy, and at 30 years of age one would expect you to have learned this already.

Rant over.

2 thoughts on “Fuck Work

  1. Damn, I know what you’re talking about….ok, not paywise, but my pay isn’t that extraordinary since I’m still an apprentice.

    Anyway, what I meant was that we also have some incompetent fucks in key positions who expect everyone else to do their work for them. It’s sort of sad when I, a 20 year old apprentice, need to ask a 43 year old guy to do his frigging job.

    Don’t get angry about it, there’s nothing you can directly do against it.



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