Something Awful this way comes, part II

It isn’t often that I see something on the internet which brings a smile to my face, but the reaction of Frolixo at SuperEvil forums over my post suggesting an ‘end to hostilities’ was one of those things.

“It’s not over until I say it’s over. You fucked with the wrong guy. You have no idea…”

This from the guy who was one of the first to say that SuperEvil was a parody site, and that people shouldn’t take things so seriously. Jesus, Sweet Lord Jesus Christ was a fucking idiot this cunt is. “You have know idea” What the fuck? Who are you? The Rambo of the interweb? Like I have maintained in the past many times, it is the internet get the fuck over yourself you sanctimonious nerd. The best that we have had thrown at us so far is a lame weekend web article from the good folk at somethingawful. Being totally shameless, I’m happy to present for you the bullshit that they wrote:

BabyTalk, Blunts, and Devious Tyrant

You have to wait until the last few pages before Devious Tyrant gets it’s moment of glory, but trust me it isn’t worth the wait. All the article amounts to is a number of posts, taken out of context, and not unlike those you will find made by a thousand users on a thousand forums across the interweb. Doc ‘Wannabe’ Evil does such a poor job of parody, you can tell pretty easily that he didn’t even visit DT Forums when writing the article. Instead, he relied on his lackies, and fanboys from the SomethingAwful forums to do the digging for him, and like good little doggies, they did as their master told them. It was pitiful to see the attempts of the lesser mortals at SA to be recognised by their God, DocEvil. It was little more than a digital circle jerk. Just fucking sickening.

This entire episode has been nothing but one big publicity stunt as far as I am concerned. We went out to fuck over the guys at SuperEvil in order to get noticed by another, larger community, partly for kicks, partly to see if we could get some new members (we’re only small), partly because it’s funny to see the reaction of other nerds when our nerds call them stupid (it’s the latter which does it for me – there is nothing better than exposing the bullshit veneer of disdain and superiority as maddening frustration at being unable to do anything about being fucked over).

As I said, the original concept behind this venture was publicity, and just as one daft fucker on the SomethingAwful forum said;

“I had hoped you would use the posts from here”

So did I fucker, so did I. Which is exactly the reason why I dropped the forum URL into one of the posts.

See, you silly fucks, if you read this. You got owned. I manipulated the great manipulators and you did, quite unknowingly, exactly what I wanted you to do. You might be the Great Frolixo of SuperEvil, and the Mighty DocEvil of SomethingAwful, and I a small time forum administrator, but I got what I wanted with minimal effort, and you pissed your panties trying to make my community look bad.

Congratulations, retards, on getting skullfucked by someone who you feel is inferior to you. Just because you write for an internet site, does not mean there are not people out there in the big wide world who are capable of giving you an e-kick in the face. You got served. Deal with it.

2 thoughts on “Something Awful this way comes, part II

  1. They did fall for it, and it was so cute.

    Anony Mouse, I have way too much time on my hands and I’m randy right now…



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