Moronic Comments…

…fail validation and get deleted.

Fucking retards, do you think I’ll just let you post spammy shit on here? If you have something you wish to say that relates to the entry in question, then submit it and I’ll allow it. Even if I may disagree with the comment, post it and it will be entered. I don’t care if you disagree with me, but I won’t submit my few very dear readers to the torments of your twisted swamp donkey minds. Act like an adult and I’ll treat you like one, act like Frolixo and I’ll treat you like him, act like a child and you’ll be ignored.

Stop wasting your time motherfuckers, it is one click to delete your bullshit before it is seen by anyone but you and your pre-teen hangers on who stroke your dick in a Michael Jackson style whilst you try to look hard on the internet. Grow up, twits. Did you forget that I won already?

2 thoughts on “Moronic Comments…


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