Something Awful this way comes

It’s been an interesting evening so far. I’ve learned that some punk on another forum has decided to get his bigger, stronger, more learned friends to do some sort of lame article on The people over at something awful are going to review our little corner of the interweb and make us look like jerks. I simply can’t wait.

I registered at the something awful forums in order to find out what is going on, and here, dear readers, we have the sum total of their efforts on exposing the dirty underbelly of DT thus far.

I’ll try to keep it up to date over the next day or two until Saturday comes and we get our big free publicity event courtesy of something awful. Because, of course, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Thinking about it, I should actually be honoured that the ‘Gods’ over at something awful, a site in excess of a hundred times DT have taken notice of us. We must be doing something right to have those fuckers identify us, even if it is just as a reason for a good giggle. See, dear readers, I have no issue with someone poking fun at my forums. I really don’t give a shit either way if they’re ‘laughing at us not with us’ as one fucktard pointed out. The same fucktard, I hasten to add, that bleated, ‘yeah he invaded my forums to “flame” us for not being HARDCORE even though its a joke site so I gave the forums to docevil’

Yawn, faggot.

Kevorkian, over at DT summed it up quite succinctly with this:

You mean, someone is going to mock us? Fuck… I’m shaking in my boots.

SA has always been a boring site, and their mockup is going to be just as boring. I yawn in non-anticipation.

5 thoughts on “Something Awful this way comes

  1. They (at SA) are every bit as stupid, lame, and fucking gay as every other turd on the internet; what sets them apart is their ability to make lemonaide out of their lemons: they nitpick the web, and everyone on it, like I suppose a “cool group” in school does to other “groups” of students (except these guys aren’t cool), to make themselves (a) feel better about their inherent lamesness and retardation, (b) popular, as more fuckwits show up to point and laugh and say, “Good one! They do suck–we aren’t like them!” and (c) profit. These social baboons actually make money from doing this…

    In attempting to illustrate “what’s wrong with the interent,” and in essence “what’s wrong with humanity,” they prove only that they are, of course, part of the “problem.” And yet they seem to believe that this makes them better than everyone else. Astounding self-deception here–but what can one really except from critics…


  2. @ Nord: Amen
    However you are indubitably guilty of taking the whole enterprise more seriously than it ever deserved. Regardless, accurate point, made precisely.


  3. “indubitably”–that word is easier to write than speak 😉

    Anyway, perhaps I “seem” to be guilty of that, but things aren’t always as they seem…



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